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Manage redis on o2switch

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Since few weeks I have migrated all my websites to o2switch. For my game Ellas War, I’m doing some adaptation to use Redis as queue and session storage. Unfortunately, the web interface doesn’t offer any GUI to visualize the Redis content. We will see how to install one.


  • An o2switch account
  • A cPanel access
  • A domain for our GUI, pointing to your server’s IP


In the o2switch cPanel interface, open the Terminal.
Download an install phpRedisAdmin:

git clone
cd phpRedisAdmin
git clone vendor

You can now configure your domain or subdomain in cPanel to point to the phpRedisAdmin directory.


By default this GUI will be available without any login/password. We will add one using htaccess/htpasswd files. You can use web2generator to generate the password file.

Create the .htpasswd file in your phpRedisAdmin directory and add the login/password inside.

Create a .htaccess file in the phpRedisAdmin directory, don’t forget to adapt the path to your use case.

AuthType Basic 
AuthName "Redis Admin" 
AuthUserFile /home/myuser/phpRedisAdmin/.htpasswd 
require valid-user


You can now access to your domain and visualize the data in your Redis server. It’s also possible to import data or run backups.

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