In short, I have started to migrate to Hurd

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GNU Hurd is a collection of servers who are combined to the Mach microkernel. I have started to be interested by this project in 2009. I have published some tutorials and run it on VirtualBox, following its evolution.

Recently I recovered a computer that I had lent. It’s too old for a daily use, but it’s always funny use it to run some tests. I have added some memory, checked the health of the hard drive and prepared it to reinstall the system. During the next two weeks, I will try check if Hurd could be used daily.


  • I will use this Laptop as much as possible
  • I will try to compile the software when they are not available in the repositories


Most of the components are natively supported. Unfortunately the graphical acceleration doesn’t work, so the display will be a bit slow. The Ethernet port will be used to plug an adapter and connect to the WiFi.

  • Sony VGN-FS315E
  • Processor Intel Celeron M 380, 1,60GHz
  • Intel GMA 900 Graphics graphic card
  • 2GB memory
  • Hard disk Pata, 4200 rpm
  • Fast Ethernet


A new adventure is starting for me, in the Hurd’s world. I will regularly publish small articles to details my problems and victories. The next article will be about the installation on the Laptop.

In short, I have started to migrate to Hurd

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